Chris Hall. Lighting Cameraman.
Available Midlands or London based.

Mobile: (44)+(0)7920043782 


Over 20 years broadcast camerawork experience for most of the U.K. terrestrial channels & many international channels including U.S. Discovery, National Geographic, Discovery Asia, Channel 9, Australia, T.V.N.Z., Al Arabia, and many more. I can provide a 1 to 3-man broadcast crew for news, documentaries, factual programmes & corporate video.  


Doc. & Factual Credits

The Many Faces of Les Dawson. BBC TV. Documentary profile of the late, great British comedian, Les Dawson. 

Seconds from Disaster: 'USS Forrestal'. National Geographic Channel.
The story of the tragic fire aboard the aircraft-carrier, USS 'Forrestal', stationed in the Bay of Tonkin, Vietnam, in 1967.  The fire - and subsequent explosions - led to the deaths of more than 130 servicemen, and resulted in a complete overhaul of the safety and fire-fighting procedures aboard U.S. naval vessels.
Hi-Definition & extensive shooting for C.G.I.

The Great Wall of China. Discovery International.
Documentary telling the story of the Great Wall, using CGI and dramatic reconstructions to show how the wall was built, the suffering endured by those sent to build it, and the mystery & legends which are attached to it.
Extensive shooting for C.G.I.

Beijing's Olympic Makeover. Discovery International.
In the run-up to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, the Chinese government embarked upon an ambitious series of building projects, using world renowned architects and state-of-the-art materials. The programme examines the technical & engineering challenges which had to be overcome in order to realise such futuristic concepts, and the
 criticisms of the policy of imposing such buildings alongside some of China's most important heritage sites.
Extensive shooting for C.G.I.

Killing Mum & Dad. The Menendez Brothers. Sky. 
When Jose and Kitty Menendez, wealthy parents of two spoiled, but ambitious, teenage sons, were found brutally murdered in their Beverly Hills home in the summer of 1989, the police investigation concentrated on Jose's business connections. Could this have been a Mafia contract killing? Or did the truth lie closer to home?

Equinox Special. Britain's Tornado. Pioneer Productions/ Channel 4.
In the summer of 2005 the residents of a Birmingham suburb suddenly found themselves in the grip of a 'Force 3' tornado which raged through the main streets, tearing the roofs off buildings and overturning cars.
How could this happen in this quiet corner of temperate Britain, and why has it happened here before, within living memory?

I Survived.. Peter Sutcliffe. Sky.
Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe - the psychopath known as 'The Yorkshire Ripper' - terrorised the north of England for almost 10 years in the 1970s & 80s. The programme talks to some of the survivors, who describe their attempts to come to terms with their experiences and to rebuild their lives
, often in the face of difficult odds.

The Krays. Biographies. Arts & Entertainments Channel.
The rise and fall of the notorious East End gangsters who came to prominence in the 1960s, becoming the most audaciously high profile criminals in the post-war period.

Diana's Will. Channel 5. The intrigue surrounding the estate of the late princess, and how her godchildren came to find themselves deprived of their rightful inheritance.

The Curse of the Elephant Man. Discovery.
Joseph Merrick, the Elephant Man, was the most shockingly disfigured person in history. The programme uses forensic and genetic science to unravel the medical secrets of his tragic condition, and modern imaging techniques to reconstruct the face beneath the deformities. British filming.

When a Child Goes Missing. Discovery.
1hr. doc on forensic techniques used by the police to trace abducted children.
After the horrific cases of child abduction and murder in Belgium, police forces throughout the world were forced to review the systems which they had in place to deal with cases of
child abduction. New techniques in personality-profiling have been developed to try to predict the behaviour patterns of child abductors, and recent successes in DNA research have led to convictions for crimes committed several decades ago.

Room 801. Britain's Secret U.F.O. Hunters. Discovery.
In the two decades following the Second World War there was a spate of U.F.O. sightings across Britain, many of which were caught on camera. The programme talks to some of the eye-witnesses and visits the anonymous-looking London building which housed a secret government department, based in Room 801, set up to investigate - and officially debunk - their testimonies.

Blood Ties. Discovery.
6 x 1/2 hrs. profiling children of famous celebrities and how the relationships shaped their lives. Subjects included Lorna Luft, daughter of Judy Garland and Michael Biggs, son of the Great Train Robber.

Lifespan. Discovery. 3 x 1hr programmes filmed in Europe and the U.S. looking at the role of science in the ageing process, and the quest for 'eternal youth'.

California Bay. Bazal. Ch.5. Series of programmes filmed in and around the Monterey State Park, an area designated as a world marine wildlife sanctuary. 

What The Butler Saw: The Paul Burrell Story. Channel 5.
Diana's ex-butler was facing ruin following his arrest on charges of stealing items belonging to the late princess. After weeks in court all charges were eventually dropped and he was exonerated. The programme follows the twists and turns of the case and looks at the personalities of some of his accusers.

Miracle at Sea: The Rescue of Tony Bullimore.YTV/ Orana Aus.
Drama-documentary reconstructing the rescue of round-the -world yachtsman Tony Bullimore following the capsize of his racing yacht in the Southern Ocean.

To The Ends of the Earth: Battle for the Titanic. Channel 4.
1 hr. documentary about the legal wrangles between competing commercial salvage companies for the spoils of the Titanic.

The Great Sell-Offs. BBC2.
Documentary on the privatisation of the public utilities in the 1980s.

Secret History. Winter of Discontent. Channel 4.
1 hr. documentary on the build-up to the wave of strikes in 1978, beginning with the Ford workers and eventually spreading to the public sector unions, culminating in strikes by grave-diggers, hospital staff and fuel-tanker drivers. Prime Minister Jim Callahan, believing that the country was on the verge of a revolution, ordered the formation of a special committee to ensure that vital supplies were secured.

Dispatches: B.S.E. Channel 4.
Documentary looking at the evidence linking  B.S.E. in sheep to C.J.D. in humans, and the alleged campaign of disinformation, and suppression of evidence, by the Ministry of Agriculture.

After the Quake:3D. Yorkshire T.V.
Programme following the British volunteer rescue team, International Rescue Corps., on their mission to Japan 10 days after the earthquake in Kobe, and how the national news media forced the Japanese authorities into co-operation with the British team.

Believe it or Not: Judaism. BBC Education.
3 x 20m. programmes filmed in the U.K. and Israel introducing children to Judaism.

The World This Week. Channel 4.
Documentary on the discontent within the officer ranks of the Argentinian military, and the failure of civilian courts to bring to justice those responsible for the disappearances of civilians during the 'dirty war' of the 1970s and early 1980s.

The Stars. Channel 4. 6 x 30m. programmes on astronomy, presented by Heather Couper.

The Neptune Encounter. Pioneer Productions / ITV.  The 'Voyager 2' mission to Neptune and the outer solar system.

Corporate video, Training & PR  work for Rolls Royce, Boots, TrafficMaster, Yell.Com, Debenhams, Courtaulds, the NHS, The Cabinet Office and many more.

Relevant Qualifications: Diploma in Creative Photography. Languages. Spanish to A-level. Workable French. 

Rates on request.