Flight deck of the aircraft carrier 'U.S.S. Enterprise' during the filming of 'Seconds From Disaster'.


 T.V. Series

Blood Ties. 6 x 30m. Discovery Channel     
Series of programmes looking at children of the rich and famous, and how growing up in the shadow of celebrity shaped their lives. Subjects included Michael Biggs, son of Great Train robber Ronnie, Peter Sellars' son, Michael, Judy Garland's daughter, Lorna Luft, and Nicholas Moseley, son of  'Britsh Union of Fascists' leader, Oswald Moseley.

Lifespan: Discovery Health. Series of  3 x 1hrs. looking at the quest for 'eternal youth' in the USA. Examines the science behind the ageing process and the ways in which Americans are trying to extend their lives, using everything from caloric reduction - living on a minimal intake of calories per day - to cryonics (full body freezing for future resurrection). 

Believe it Or Not: Judaism. BBC Education. Series of 3 x 30m programmes introducing children to different religions. Filmed in Israel & UK.

The Stars: Channel 4. Series of 6 x 30m astronomy programmes, presented by Heather Couper.