Filming drama sequence for 'The Great Wall' documentary.

'China's Man-made Marvels': 'The Great Wall of China'. Discovery Channel. 

Documentary tracing the origins and development of the Great Wall, from an early, primitive system of defensive walls built by the warring states, to the elaborate Meng Dynasty forts, clad in brick and incorporating 'killing zones' for use by the defenders. Constructing it presented some monumental engineering and logistical problems - engineers had to work out ways of building over mountain peaks and river valleys, even into the sea.  Extensive shooting for C.G.I.


I Survived...Peter Sutcliffe. Sky One.
Documentary looking at the lives of some of the survivors of the Yorkshire Ripper, the serial killer who terrorised the north of England in the 1970s & '80s. Survivors describe how they have managed to come to terms with their experiences and rebuild their lives in the years following the attacks.

Conspiracy Theories: "The Illuminati". Sky One.

Austin, Texas, is the world centre for conspiracy theories. Author Danny Wallace takes a wry look at the conspiracy theories relating to the Illuminati, the secret cabal of financiers, politicians and statesmen who will go to any lengths to achieve their ultimate goal - total world domination.

Equinox Special: Britain's Tornado. Channel 4.
In the summer of 2005 the residents of Sparkhill, Birmingham, found themselves in the grip of a 'Force 3' tornado which raged through the main streets, tearing the roofs off buildings and overturning cars. How could this happen in Britain, and why has it happened here before, within living memory? 

Diana's Will. Channel 4. The story of the intrigue surrounding the will of the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and how her numerous god-children found themselves excluded from their rightful inheritance.  

What the Butler Saw: The Paul Burrell Story. Ch.5.  Princess Diana's ex-butler was facing ruin when he was hauled before the courts, accused of stealing property belonging to the late Princess. The case eventually collapsed, and all charges were dropped, when H.M. The Queen herself intervened. The programme followed the twists and turns of the case and looked at some of the personalities involved.

'The Krays'. Biographies. A&E Channel. The rise & fall of Ronnie & Reggie Kray, the notorious leaders of the most feared London gang in the early 1960s.