TV Lighting Cameraman - Broadcast News & Documentary Crew - Web & Corporate Video Production.  Tel. 07920043782                                                                                                       


Hello, and welcome to my home page.

I'm a freelance lighting cameraman with over 25 years experience working in broadcast TV news and documentaries for many British and international TV networks and independent production companies. 

Although UK based, I've always enjoyed working in foreign climes - the light, the heat, the tastes - embracing the many challenges which are inevitably encountered when filming abroad, and I've been fortunate to have worked on some really interesting assignments over the years, in locations as diverse as the ancient Chinese fortresses of the Gobi Desert, and the noisy flight deck of the 'USS Enterprise' - the aircraft carrier, not the one on Star Trek!

Nowadays I'm equally happy working closer to home, either as a one-man ENG crew or as part of a larger team, and regularly work for many of the UK national news outfits; BBC News, ITV 10 O'clock News, Channel 4 News and BBC Breakfast, shooting VT packages, interviews and features etc, and recording 'lives' for Outside Broadcast feeds. I have my own HI-Definition camera channel and can be available at short notice for breaking news stories, last-minute interviews etc. (I will shortly be offering a full shoot-edit-upload service for news agencies and broadcasters).

For documentaries, corporate video, educational & training work, 2 or 3-man crews can also be supplied. Please call for prices & availability.

 Aerial Videography. UAV filming is available upon request. Please call for details.





Recent Documentary Credits. 

 'The Many Faces of Les Dawson'. BBC TV. Documentary profile of the late, great British comedian. 


Seconds From Disaster: 'USS Forrestal'. National Geographic Channel. The story of the tragic fire aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Forrestal, stationed in the Bay of Tonkin, Vietnam, in 1967. The fire, and subsequent explosions, led to the deaths of more than 130 servicemen, and resulted in a complete overhaul of operational, safety & fire-fighting procedures throughout the US navy. Hi-Definition with extensive shooting for C.G.I. 




'Killing Mum & Dad': The Menendez Brothers. Sky One.  In 1989 Jose and Kitty Menendez were brutally murdered in a seemingly motiveless attack in their Beverly Hills mansion. Was it the Mafia, a business rival, or even their own children who were responsible? The case dragged on through the courts for several years -and two trials - before the murderers were finally brought to justice.